Top 5 Temp Jobs: #5 Warehouse Jobs

top temp job - warehouse jobs

Despite the fact that more and more temp jobs are carried out by machines and computers these days, there will always be manual jobs that cannot be taken over by a robot. Working in a warehouse is one of these jobs, and luckily there a many warehouses and distribution centres in the UK. Probably between 2000 and 5000!

For this job you’ll need to be fit as it is quite a physical job. Most modern warehouses are large, light and airy. Some goods, for example food or chemicals, have to be stored in special conditions, so your working environment may be different.

Skills needed

Good organisational and time management skills are important, and you should be able to stand and work continually long hours. You’ll work in a team, so good social skills are required. Having a bit of fun at work is OK, but, like these guys, don’t overdo it…

temp jobs fun 1

temp jobs fun 2     temp jobs fun 3

After a good laugh with your colleagues, the danger of getting fired is looming around the corner…


Although no specific education is required for this job, some employers will ask you to do forklift training. This will also help prevent workers from playing with the forklift truck. This could bring your and others’ lives in danger!

Other qualifications you may work towards are:

  • Level 1/2 Certificate/Diploma in Warehousing and Storage
  • Level 3 Diploma in Warehousing and Storage.

The National Careers Service have predicted that the number of people working in miscellaneous services, which includes warehouse work, will only increase in the next 10 years!

job employment forecast

(source: National Careers Service)

Job facts:

Starting salary:                                  £6.70 – 7.20 p/h

Experienced operatives:                  £18,000 – £20,000 per annum

For warehouse jobs in Salisbury, keep an eye on our vacancies page.

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