How to beat the January blues.

January the month of Mondays where even the most optimistic and energetic personality can lose their usual enthusiasm and feel down in the dumps. So what we can we do to get through the month feeling more positive than ever?


  1. Exercise – Nothing blows away the cobwebs like good old-fashioned exercise. Whether this is a long walk or hitting the gym just 20 minutes of exercise a day can increase the endorphins in your body.
  2. Book a holiday – Its always nice to have something to look forward to, so why not book a trip away. January is a great time of year to find some deals, meaning it doesn’t have to break the bank!
  3. Beware of new year resolutions – Setting new year resolutions can be a great way to kick start the year but make sure you are setting achievable goals there is nothing more demoralising than breaking all your resolutions by mid-way through January. Break each goal down into step by step parts to help ensure success.
  4. Eat properly – This goes hand in hand with exercise when feeling down, we are often drawn to sugar and junk food. You can improve how you feel by eating a good, varied diet with things like salad, nuts, fruit and veg, dairy, fish, pulses and grains. What we put in our bodies really does make a difference.
  5. Practice the 4-minute rule.That is, be your best self for the first four minutes of arriving at work, being in a meeting, getting home, etc. You’ll feel amazing and your brilliance will be infectious both to those around you, and to yourself – seriously, it will be.