The first step

Most of our initial registration is done online. Please take the time to complete the online registration form fully, as we are legally required to obtain most of the information on the form and we cannot add you to our database if information is missing. The reference section is very important, and you must include at least one work reference – along with the contact’s email address. When you’ve completed the form, submit it to us – along with your CV, and that’s it, we will check the information and add you on to our extensive database.

What’s next?

Should we get a suitable role, we will contact you immediately. At that point, we will want to meet you, take up references and maybe assess any skills you have that are important in the role being discussed. We will also need to check your ID: usually, this needs to be in the form of a passport, or full birth certificate and an accompanying valid photo ID.

Temporary roles

The format is the same for applicants who are looking for temporary work, however, as temp bookings occur at very short notice, we tend to process temp applications in advance of an actual booking arising, to ensure that a Temp has been registered fully and is ready to go. We’ll let you know when you have been added to the availability list.

We will also give you a copy of our ‘Quick Guide to Temping’ and ask you to sign a copy of our temp contract – which is designed to protect your rights as a Temp.

General tips

Please appreciate that we have many more candidates available than we are able to provide work for, therefore we are unable to keep in contact with everyone we have registered. However, we always appreciate an update on your requirements and availability, so please feel free to call, or email us any time

All information on our database is treated as highly confidential and you are protected by the Data Protection Act

Finally, thank you for choosing to register with Alpha People – your application is very important to us and we will do all we can to help you find your next job!!