Training at our sister company Five Rivers Recruitment

Just imagine if you were the only person left in the world. Everything could be done your way! No more negotiating, no communication (except with the animals), a world where you don’t need to influence anyone to get what you want. Heaven or hell?

Trials and Tribulations of first time employment

We’ve seen a real increase over the last couple of weeks of young adults coming in to ask our advice on future careers and CV help. We are seeing a huge volume of candidates that don’t have a CV in place and this has prompted us to question if this is not being focused on in schools as it was certainly when I was in year 10 and 11.

We see teenagers receive a lot of flack generally in the employment industry, however…

Parents at your initial interview!?!

At this time of year we register a huge number of students looking for summer work. For many this will be their first job which can be extremely daunting. We were all young once (although it might feel like a lifetime ago!) and can remember interview nerves, so should your bring a parent or guardian along with you when you come in to register?

Interview Nerves

We all get nervous when we think about the daunting interview experience.

However, we don’t always need to feel this way!

If we take this experience and turn it around into something positive, it can actually be a very helpful process that can actually give us confidence for the future.

Top tips to keeping cool in the workplace

With the weather hotting up across England we decided to take a look at the best ways to keep cool in the office this summer.

While you may be dreaming of laying on a beach sipping cocktails, for most of us, Monday signals the start to a new working week. Follow our hints and tips to keep cool this summer and avoid getting hot under the collar with your colleagues…

New £1 Coin March 2017

As many of you may be aware, the £1 coin came into circulation yesterday. The pound coin has not been changed in 30 years. It is a twelve sided coin and came into circulation Tuesday 28th March 2017. The picture on the coin represents the United Kingdom with the English rose, Wales with the leek, Scotland with the Scottish thistle and for Northern Ireland, there is the Shamrock which are all within a crown. For more information regarding the new £1 coin you can clink on this link below: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/38487910  ...

Congratulations To Tom Robson-Carter

A big congratulations to Tom for winning employee of the month for December 2016.   “Tom is always helpful, focused and always carries out his duties with a smile on his face, he is an asset to your agency”   Excellent...