Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness!


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Most ripe apples have fallen off the trees as we have made our way well into the autumn season. Leaves are now bright red, yellow, brown or orange. However, it won’t be long ere everything will look quite barren.

Costa’s Christmas menu is online, which means that we are getting closer again! And that our bosses will treat us to delicious coffees over the Christmas period… we are very lucky. Our prime location at the market square also helps bringing the atmosphere into the office, whether it is market day, a fun fair, music events or the famous Christmas market. Isn’t it lovely to be able to hear the children’s choir on a cold December day? Especially our sister agency Five Rivers are very close to all the events taking place at the Salisbury market square. However, the events can sometimes be distracting as well. But hey, you can’t have it all.

It’s now dark when my colleagues and our temps go home after work, especially after last week when the clock has been set one hour back. Everything is the same, but it just feels very different. However, isn’t it weird that it isn’t even winter yet and still, it won’t be more than 50 days until the days are getting longer again? It is that time of the year when you are suddenly shocked by how time flies. Nearly another year over. What was the year like? Are you still in the same job, or have you changed jobs? Are you happy in your job? If you are working outdoors, like some of our temps, this will be a tough time of the year. They are getting up when it is still dark and freezing cold while we are still dreaming.

Even though the weather has been quite warm in October, there has been frost on our cars some mornings. Is it going to be a mild winter, or will we have snow? Will there be flooding and will people be able to get to work? Looking at the dry winterbournes at this time of the year, one could hardly imagine that whole villages could be flooded.

However, let’s stop being melancholy and let’s hope the autumn/winter season is going to bring us all much good! On a more positive note: For the first time, Alpha People and Five Rivers Recruitment are going to organise a special Christmas event to which all our Employees of the Month will be invited! They will have received their invites by now and we are looking forward to seeing them mid December.

More about this & the winter season will follow shortly…