Employee of the Month March 2016: Karen Mundy

We have got through so much work because of her 


We are happy to announce that our second Employee of the Month Award has gone to the lovely Karen Mundy! Over the past few months, Karen has done several jobs for us and we have always received positive feedback about her. So we were not entirely surprised when our Client nominated her for the Employee of the Month Award…

This why our Client’s thought Karen deserved the award:

‘We have greatly valued having Karen with us . She has been wonderful in fitting in so well. She is a delight to have in the office – good company which is so important in a small office!  She is hard working and not fazed, but does whatever she is asked to do. We have got through so much work because of her. Last month nearly doubled our target monthly turnover, which we could not have achieved without her.’

Amber and Ivor surprised Karen at work with a gift voucher and the certificate on 12 April. It was a lovely moment and we hope Karen is proud of herself.

Karen has taken on several administrative and reception jobs since she started working for us and she always performed beyond her own expectations.

This is a well-deserved award! Congratulations to Karen!

karen mundy excels in her jobs