Interview Nerves

We all get nervous when we think about the daunting interview experience.

However, we don’t always need to feel this way!

If we take this experience and turn it around into something positive, it can actually be a very helpful process that can actually give us confidence for the future.

Employers just want to see someone who will be hardworking and be a good member of staff to join their company.  This is why it is so important to just be yourself and to show the employer that you will be someone that will strive to succeed within the business.

Also you have to remember that although you are trying to impress the employer, you also want the employer to impress you as you need to remember that it is so important for you to be happy within your place of work.  To calm your nerves, you can also tell yourself that they also need to impress you as if you do work for that company, you will want to feel like it is somewhere that will make you happy! So don’t be afraid ask questions! This will also show to the employer that you are keen to find out everything about the company before accepting a job offer and that you are really interested in finding out as much about the company that you can.

Sometimes in interviews, a popular question that is asked is whether you know about the history of the company itself.  So make sure before you go to your interview, you have done some research into the company and maybe even come up with a fact that no one else that they are interviewing comes up with.

If you are worried about your nerves affecting the questions the interviewer asks you, its best to think about what previous work experience skills you have and how they have helped you overcome challenges within your previous work places. Also think of examples where you have shown how passionate you are in delivering the best work ethics in work previously and how well you have worked within a team and on your own at work.

So as long as you just be yourself and show the employer why you want to work for them then you can get through those interview nerves! Let your personality shine through and take this experience as an excellent confidence builder.

Good Luck!!