Parents at your initial interview!?!

At this time of year we register a huge number of students looking for summer work. For many, this will be their first job which can be extremely daunting. We were all young once (although it might feel like a lifetime ago!) and can remember interview nerves, so should your bring a parent or guardian along with you when you come in to register?

If you feel it would be beneficial to you to have someone with you, absolutely, however this is our opportunity to interview you for any roles we have available and your chance show us your personality. To really get a good understanding of how you would perform in the work place we need the opportunity to chat with you on a one on one basis. Be prepared for us to ask the person you have brought along with you to sit at our sofa area whilst our recruitment consultants chat with you about your needs. This is designed to allow us to build a good working relationship with each other and enable us to match you to the best job roles possible.

There’s always a friendly face in the office, contact us today to book an appointment and let us help you earn some extra money this summer.