Summer Jobs: 10 Tips!

summer jobs

Students & summer jobs

At most universities the summer holidays have started. This is a great time for students to earn an extra bit of money to go on holidays, or simply to survive the next academic year. For final year students it might mean they will start looking for graduate jobs. This blog will give you 10 handy tips about summer jobs.

Register with an agency

It is a great idea to register with a temps agency if you’d like to do seasonal work. Alpha People, for example, has a wide range of summer work available, all very suitable for students. You might like to work as a waiter/waitress, do temporary admin work, customer service, or manual labour, depending on what you prefer. It is a great way of using your holidays to gain work experience. And remember, all experience is valuable. Even summer work might give you transferable skills that will be helpful when applying for a permanent job. Here are some tips to succeed in finding work during your summer holidays.

  1. Register with an agency like Alpha People!

  2. Ask your friends how they got their summer jobs… For example, your friend might be earning £25 if they recommend you to Alpha People.

  3. Bring your passport and CV to the agency registration appointment and make sure you look professional and representable.

  4. Check your spelling, not just in your CV or cover letter, even if it’s just a short email to your agency consultant. Get into the habit of writing error-less emails. If you become a more confident writer, you will need to worry less about your impression when writing to future potential employers.

  5. Be flexible about your availability – this helps the agency find you work.

  6. Be flexible with regards to the type of employment – for example, it’s much harder to find a temporary admin job, than it is to find work in the catering / hospitality industry if it’s only for the summer.

  7. Be communicative – read your emails frequently and listen to your voicemails to stay updated about messages from the agency about shifts / cancellations.

  8. If you’re unable to work, let your agency/employer know as soon as you can. Don’t just assume they will read your email Friday evening at 10pm, or early Saturday morning. If through circumstances you have to cancel a shift late, ring the out of office hours telephone number if your agency has one, or ring the next morning at the earliest possibility.

  9. Make sure you leave your summer job on good terms. You might need a reference later on!

  10. Last, but not least, make sure you have fun while doing your summer job! It’s a possibility to make some new friends and do some networking for future employment.

We hope these tips have been useful for you, although most of it is just common sense! Please feel free to register with us and we might be able to find you a nice summer job.