Training at our sister company Five Rivers Recruitment

Just imagine if you were the only person left in the world. Everything could be done your way! No more negotiating, no communication (except with the animals), a world where you don’t need to influence anyone to get what you want. Heaven or hell? For some it would probably be heaven, but most of us have a need for human contact, even though it brings all sorts of complications. Once you have two or more people, all those old management issues start to crop up. Productivity, conflict, influence, listening, leadership, managing time, equality and getting your ideas across are just a few. Any business with more than two people will have these topics in small or larger amounts. Even if you are a sole trader, you’ll face these situations with customers, suppliers and partners.


At Five Rivers we offer training in all these areas and more, including confidence building, team work, 360 degree feedback and understanding your own personality (plus those of the people around you). We’ll work with you in groups or on your own to develop the skills to make your organisation more productive, whichever world your business is in.